Just a day on the coast. While I don't necessarily include every photo or every trip on the website, I purposefully wanted to include this trip. There is specifically special about these photos; I don't know that I would necessarily call any of these photos portfolio pieces. These photos still come early in my return to photography, but they represent my photography at the time and represent a fun day on the coast. Not everything has to be perfect.

The north end of Heceta Beach on the Oregon Coast during a Spring day.
The Heceta Head Lighthouse poking over the cliff age from the beach below.
Cook's Chasm on the Oregon Coast near Thor's Well.
A wave crashing in Cook's Chasm on the Oregon Coast.
A long exposure smoothing the waves as they move along Cook's Chasm.
A long exposure smoothing the ocean near Thor's Well.
Waves rolling in to Cook's Chasm along the Oregon Coast near sunset.
A long exposure of the waves rolling in to Heceta Beach just north of Florence on the Oregon Coast.