This is a throwback to a cloudy morning last April. Hendrick's Park contains one of the most beautiful flower gardens in Eugene. It's tempting to wait for a beautiful sunset but you can find the park nearly empty on those overcast mornings. I've been to Hendricks Park a number of times but it's always wonderful to come back and see the spring colors or the fall leaves.

Returning to a location multiple times also gives you the chance to really experiment with your edit. This trip gave me a chance to experiment with a heavier edit; more contrast, punch colors, deeper blacks. This is all culminating towards a fantasy-esque edit that I have been working on for some future projects.

A vivd green fern curling at the tip flanked on both sides by it's accompanying leaves.
A white lily with pinks dying the base of the petals sits at the end of a branch against a dark green background.
A medley of green leaves cover the frame; green buds reaching forth from the red centers.
A yellow rhododendron steps forth from a bush covered in yellow flowers against a dark background.
Two lonely yellow flowers stand against a dark green background.; drops of water on their pedals.
Pink flowers messily arranged on a twig against a bright green background.
A bright array of pink flowers covering a bush against a bluish black background.
Purple rhododendrons opening in the morning dew.
A series of heart shaped flowers hanging from a single stem.
A series of heart shaped flowers hanging from a single stem, in black and white.
Purple flowers on a twig of dark green leaves in the morning mist.
Pink flowers covering a mossy cherry blossom tree.
A lonely white bell flower with green dots at the end of its' pedals hangs from a deep green stem.
A small tree poking up from the tall green grass with a trail running off into the distance behind it.
The sprawling branches of a tree reaching out towards the sun against the dark green plants and white flowers.
White rhododendrons covering the top of a tall bush hanging over a trail in the morning light.
The dying veins of ivy running up the trunk of a large evergreen. In black and white.