A preview of upcoming topics...

My vision for this blog is to both document the photographic trips I go on with more detail than something like Instagram and also write about topics related to landscape photography and the creative process. Since the blog is still young, in addition to the over two dozen past trips I have yet to post, I wanted to give a little preview of upcoming topics I hope to write about.

In no particular order:

  • A complete list and review of my landscape photography gear.
  • How I find locations and document places I've been.
  • A deep dive into learning to print; from costs to paper reviews.
  • Presets and learning to edit; with a little Lightroom vs. CaptureOne.
  • What inspires me; or why I do it.
  • A deep dive into a yet to be revealed project that might possibly be coming very soon.
  • A comparison of editors and their color science.